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Usually, the problems occurring with upholstery are visible, such as stains and dirt. Unfortunately, the potential threats are invisible and hidden deep within the furnishings’ fabric. The upholstery collects bacteria, allergens, mites, viruses etc. Those could affect people’s health and must be efficiently eliminated in time. Usually the deep cleaning of the furnishings must be performed at least twice a year (every six months). The absolute minimum for completing the procedure is once yearly.
The most effective and secure way to achieve quality deep cleaning is the professional ‘Upholstery cleaning’.
Cleaners Chelsea provides a successful removal of all hazards. Whatever the upholstery fabrics type is, we have the right solution, equipment and detergents to successfully remove the stains, dirt and most importantly – the risk for your health.

Upholstery cleaning Chelsea

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Upholstery cleaning prices Chelsea

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